Onin Lorente is a self-taught fashion photographer whose stories are romantic, dreamy, and sometimes surreal. He resides most of the time in London, United Kingdom and Albay, Philippines and frequently travels to New York, Paris, Singapore . . .

His works have been published in Vogue (US, UK, Portugal, Taiwan) and Esquire (Spain, Singapore), among other publications.

He is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of LINEAL — a digital publication underlining creativity from Southeast Asia.



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Canva Represents — “a program designed to seek out, support, and champion talented artists from underrepresented communities around the world.”

For this set, I wanted to feature the beautiful costumes worn during festivals in the Philippines. I photographed them in a setting and mood that reflect my artistic style — dreamlike in an open location — highlighting the glorious colours of the ensembles.

Earth To Us : Dressing for a Hotter Planet for Vogue US photographed in Manila, Philippines.

The Vogue Bunch photographed in London, United Kingdom for Vogue Portugal.

The Mirror Has Two Faces photographed in London, United Kingdom for Esquire Spain.

Bukid at Dagat photographed in Albay, Philippines for CAP 74024 Italy.

Personal Project: The Youth of Badminton

Suburbia photographed in New York, USA for L’Officiel

Fade Into You photographed in Hamburg, Germany for L’Officiel

Bright Blue Eyes photographed in Amsterdam, Netherlands for L’Officiel Hommes