• Sining Banwa

    Sining Banwa

    Sining Banwa — a theater group from Legazpi, Albay.

  • The Locals

    The Locals

    Portraits from Albay, Philippines and Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

  • Pathways. Venice. 2012.

    Pathways. Venice. 2012.

    The sudden pause in our world has allowed me to slow down and to revisit the photographs from the past.

  • Santigwar


    We met Mommy Tess, a para-santigwar ( folk healer ) who uses oil, plate, and candle in her traditional healing practice. She narrated her story and showed the ritual to us. What I remember most from the conversation is her conviction while she was explaining pagtubod ( faith ). Without absolute faith in the divine…

  • How are you, my creative friends?

    How are you, my creative friends?

    Today is World Mental Health Day. How are you, my creative friends?

  • Mayon Volcano

    Mayon Volcano

    My everyday view since the lockdown, end of March. Some low moments during this period of uncertainty. Who doesn’t have, anyway? Long-term plans were cancelled bringing forth lost resources and opportunities. Mine included a residency application in Spain and a photographer’s representation in London, which I processed earlier this year. Bummer!

  • Dear Little Self

    Dear Little Self

    With about 30 years of age difference, here are two of many things I can impart to you :

  • Dear Photographs

    Dear Photographs

    4 years ago, I woke up to the saddest call in my life. On that same day, I took a flight from London to the Philippines. Broken heart. Empty soul. Suddenly, I lost my my best friend.

  • Hope


    I traveled around Southeast Asia and photographed many faces, fashion, cultures, and landscapes.