LINEAL – Heritage

LINEAL is a digital publication underlining creativity from Southeast Asia –faces, fashion design and photography.

The idea came to mind last October. I started researching and handpicking artists to feature. Afterwards, I invited writers to conduct the interview and write the story. While completing the articles, I was also designing the website. Finally, last December 1 LINEAL went live.

Photograph by Narya Abhimata

Here is an excerpt from my Editor’s note :

The Oxford Dictionary defines LINEAL as 1. in a direct line of descent or ancestry, and 2. relating to or consisting of lines. It is thus a befitting title to capture the core of this magazine: design and photography talents, and faces from Southeast Asia.

For the launch of LINEAL, we gathered seven stories embodying the theme — Heritage. It includes a dialogue with Haryo Balitar, founder of a modelling agency in Indonesia. Our cover face is Laras Sekar, represented by Haryo Balitar, who has been gaining recognition in the global fashion industry with runway feats for Saint Laurent in Paris, and Moschino in Los Angeles. The shoot was exclusively produced for LINEAL.

Scroll down to read inspiring narratives, in alphabetical order by country of origin, authored by talented writers from the region and beyond. Finally, in the footer you’ll find links to our social media accounts. Do follow us for more creative features.

Enjoy reading!

Onin Lorente
Founder and Editor-In-Chief