Happy Father’s Day to everyone!

It’s Father’s Day! I wonder how it feels to have a father. Really.

You see, I was born without a father. He died when I was less than a year old. Three months, I was told.

I never saw him, not even in a picture. My mom lost all the photographs. Family members and neighbours said that I could see him if I looked at myself in the mirror. He was me, I am him kind of story – a physical replica of myself. Perhaps, I can talk to him, to myself. But that will appear and sound strange, right?

Growing up, I never felt the lack of having a father. How would I know when I never had one?

In our world now, when all genders can be men, all genders can be fathers, do we need a specific (exclusive) term to celebrate fatherhood and paternal relationships, culture? In the meantime, Happy Father’s Day to everyone.