Today is the last day of PRIDE. It is more than a parade or celebration. It is a month-long affair to amplify and resolve pertinent LGBTQI+ issues such as equality and inclusion in our humankind.

Everytime I see viral videos of LGBTQI+ members, especially the young ones who are in funny clips (for example; dancing in the street sexually or beauty pageant as a laughing stock), I also ask myself — is this a good way to portray our community?

It is entertaining. Yes. However, I also believe that when we nurture a society prevalent of these portrayals, we should also (much more) nurture a society where LGBTQI+ members are commended and honoured (shared on social media) for their great contributions, in all sectors, to our nation.

When we promote and highlight inspiring stories from the LGBTQI+ community, we inculcate a sense of pride, that the LGBTQI+ members do and can represent well (and admiringly) in all aspects of our lives. We gradually progress as a society — informed, aware and welcoming — until such time when there is no need to heed the call for representation and inclusion, until such time when it becomes a norm.