Dear Little Self

With about 30 years of age difference, here are two of many things I can impart to you :

  1. Go and get it cobber!
  2. Don’t forget to dance, laugh, and enjoy the moments with friends in your life. The memories will last forever.

Dear Photographs

4 years ago, I woke up to the saddest call in my life. On that same day, I took a flight from London to the Philippines. Broken heart. Empty soul. Suddenly, I lost my my best friend.

The tears from the pain, longing, loss… they fall until now.

The Meaning of Life.
October 2016.
Esquire Singapore.


I traveled around Southeast Asia and photographed many faces, fashion, cultures, and landscapes.

This set of images stands out the most.

In the last portrait, young monks rest on the fortress like keepers of the remains of Angkor Wat Temple. Full of hope.