Today is the last day of PRIDE. It is more than a parade or celebration. It is a month-long affair to amplify and resolve pertinent LGBTQI+ issues such as equality and inclusion in our humankind.

  • Happy Father’s Day to everyone!

    Happy Father’s Day to everyone!

    It’s Father’s Day! I wonder how it feels to have a father. Really. You see, I was born without a father. He died when I was less than a year old. Three months, I was told.

  • American Vogue

    American Vogue

    It took a decade for me to be able to do a shoot for American Vogue. I love it. It came as a surprise at the most unexpected time — in my hiatus as a fashion photographer and when I have already accepted the idea that I may need to move on and start a…



    I was invited by Fashion And Market, a multimedia platform that presents specialist content on Southeast Asian fashion, to write a short essay about LINEAL and its third issue.

  • Charlene Almarvez

    Charlene Almarvez

    In case you missed it, our LINEAL cover story featured New York-based model Charlene Almarvez. She is one of my muses.

  • LINEAL – Borderless

    LINEAL – Borderless

    BORDERLESS — how each one of us is interconnected despite geographical bounds, different perspectives or unalike existence.

  • lola


    A tribute to my lola, and to all lola out there.

  • 2021


    It has been 10 years since I decided to venture into fashion and photography, became a traveller and pursued a dream — to shoot for the greatest magazines and produce beautiful works — with the plan of sustaining a comfortable life and being able to live and work permanently as an artist in Europe, all…

  • LINEAL – Escape

    LINEAL – Escape

    We feature eight stories in our sophomore issue. Fronting it is a self-portrait by artist, muse and model, Anh Duong. Her gaze is distant and delicate.

  • The story of the three dogs.

    The story of the three dogs.

    It was the day that Typhoon Rolly roared through Albay that I learned more about the circumstances of the three dogs.